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Discover top-notch fencing solutions at AmeriDream Fence and Deck. Elevate your space with durable, customized fences, enhancing security and aesthetics in Wilton, IL.

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Who We are
Who we are

AmeriDream Fence and Deck : Best Fence Company You can Rely in Wilton, IL

At AmeriDream Fence and Deck, we redefine outdoor living in Wilton, IL. With a passion for precision, we create fences that not only secure but elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space. Our commitment goes beyond installations – it’s about transforming your vision into a reality, one fence at a time.

“In every fence we build, there’s a story of craftsmanship, dedication, and dreams coming to life. Our mission is simple – to exceed your expectations, ensuring your outdoor space becomes a haven of security and beauty.”

Alex Diaz

Owner of AmeriDream


Clients Speak: Our Fences, Their Stories

Discover why our clients in Wilton, IL rave about AmeriDream’s exceptional fencing solutions.

Michelle Curtin
Michelle Curtin
Bert our salesman was a nice guy. We had an issue with the installation date being moved, but it was taken care of. The men who installed the fence were great! Very professional and did a great job.
R Metzger
R Metzger
Returning customer. As before, crew did a fantastic job. Accomodated my request for an additional length of fence to be installed adjacent to prior installation a few years back. Bert in sales was great to work with and the crew was on time, professional, polite, and respectful of the property. Looks fantastic.
Christi Anna Gonzalez
Christi Anna Gonzalez
We had a very nice experience. We love our fence. The guys who installed it worked hard and got it done after just a few hours. Would definitely recommend.
Robin Yureck
Robin Yureck
Fence turned out pretty darn good! Only took a day to complete. My only issue was the workers did not speak English very well, and something they were explaining before hand was misunderstood. Now one of our fence walls are backwards and I thought it would all be uniform. My fault for not clarifying when he was trying to explain and making sure it would all be that same direction.
Recent work

Showcasing Excellence: Recent Projects

Explore our gallery showcasing recent fencing masterpieces in Wilton, IL – where function meets aesthetics.

recent work
Why choose us

Choose AmeriDream Excellence

Unrivaled Expertise:

Our seasoned professionals bring years of expertise, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship in every fence installation, making your vision a reality.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand your unique needs. AmeriDream customizes fencing solutions, offering a perfect blend of security, style, and durability for your Wilton, IL property.

Customer-Centric Approach

At AmeriDream, we prioritize your satisfaction. From concept to completion, our team is dedicated to transparent communication and delivering on promises, ensuring a seamless experience.

why choose us
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our services

Our Range of Fencing Services in Wilton, IL

Yearning for a timeless, natural aesthetic that complements the picturesque landscape of Wilton? AmeriDream Fence and Deck’s Wood Fence Installation service is your definitive answer. Our seasoned craftsmen blend their skills with high-quality materials, delivering a durable, elegant wood fence that not only stands the test of time but also adds character to your property. Say goodbye to the common challenge of finding a fence that effortlessly balances beauty and functionality – we’ve got you covered.

Struggling to find a fence that seamlessly combines strength and elegance for your Wilton property? AmeriDream Fence and Deck’s Aluminum Fence Installation service is the epitome of your solution. Aluminum fencing offers unmatched durability and a sleek aesthetic. Say goodbye to the challenge of choosing between style and substance – our expert team ensures you get both, elevating the appeal of your Wilton property with a sophisticated touch.

Ever grappled with the challenge of finding a durable yet aesthetically pleasing fence that stands up to the diverse weather conditions in Wilton? AmeriDream Fence and Deck offers the perfect solution with our Vinyl Fence Installation service. Our experts understand the need for a low-maintenance, weather-resistant barrier that doesn’t compromise on style. Crafting vinyl fences that not only withstand the elements but also elevate the curb appeal of your Wilton property, we ensure durability meets design seamlessly.

Concerned about security without sacrificing the expansive views of your Wilton property? AmeriDream Fence and Deck’s Chain Link Fence Installation service provides a robust solution. We understand the challenge of securing your property while maintaining an open feel. Our chain link fences offer the perfect balance – a durable barrier that enhances safety without compromising your view. Rely on our expert team to seamlessly integrate security and visibility on your Wilton property.

Seeking sanctuary in your outdoor space? AmeriDream Fence and Deck’s Privacy Fence Installation service is your resolute answer. Tired of the lack of seclusion in your backyard? Our privacy fences provide the perfect solution, creating a peaceful haven shielded from prying eyes. Trust us to transform your Wilton property into a private oasis, where tranquility meets security seamlessly.

Our Process
our process

Our Seamless Approach

Design Consultation:

Collaborate with our experts to conceptualize your ideal fence design.

Precision Installation:

Experienced craftsmen meticulously bring your vision to life.

Quality Assurance:

We ensure every detail meets our high standards, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

areas we serve
areas we serve

Looking for other Fencing Services Near Me?

AmeriDream proudly serves Millsdale, IL, and nearby areas, transforming properties with top-notch fencing solutions. Elevate your space with us.

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Questions & Answers

Queries and Answers

Installation duration varies based on project scope, typically ranging from a few days to a week.

Yes, we provide warranties on materials and workmanship, ensuring your investment is protected for years to come.

Absolutely! We offer customized designs tailored to your preferences, ensuring your fence perfectly suits your needs and style.

Yes, we offer comprehensive repair services to address any damages or issues with your existing fence promptly and efficiently.

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About Wilton, IL

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Nestled in the heart of Will County, Wilton Center, IL, is home to the diligently committed AmeriDream Fence and Deck Company. Our professional expertise finds a remarkable place in this breathtaking landscape, harmonizing the robust community lifestyle and the natural wonders that define Wilton IL.

This thriving town, centered geographically at latitude 41.4475 and longitude -88.083, offers a vibrant backdrop for our business. Historical landmarks such as the iconic Serenity Manor and the evergreen Wilton Woods stir a deep appreciation of quality and endurance, much like the fences and decks we build. Additionally, we visit local sights such as Wilton Lake, the Strategic Hospital, and the Green County Park, providing us with a spectacular touchstone for our craft.

The Wilton IL community, with a flourishing population of approximately 581 residents, is known for its distinct climatic patterns. Here at AmeriDream Fence and Deck, we consider these climate considerations in every project, ensuring our constructions are not just durable but also weather-adaptable. Our compliance with local regulations further solidifies our commitment to this fantastic community.

As a company, we take pride in our eco-friendly initiatives, mirroring Wilton IL’s conscientious approach towards the environment. By recycling materials and implementing sustainable construction methods, we contribute to the town’s eco-conscious ethos.

We serve with equal zeal, numerous neighborhoods around Wilton IL including, Pipkin Hollow, Overstreet, Jennings Heights, Scoggins Summit, and Jolley. Seamlessly aligning with their distinct architectural styles, we ensure top-tier service that truly sings praises of Wilton’s unique character.

So, come and explore the potential of this extraordinary location and our tailored solutions. Engage with AmeriDream Fence and Deck where we pledge to bring unmatched quality and assurance into your outdoor spaces right here, at Wilton IL. Let us blend harmony, durability, and elegance to create a fence and deck experience like no other.

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Premier Fencing Excellence in Wilton, IL

Unlock the potential of your outdoor space with AmeriDream Fence and Deck, your premier fencing solution in Wilton. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant community with a population of approximately 5,000 residents, our expertise extends far beyond mere installations. Our team brings coordinates 41.1920° N, 88.7326° W to life, creating fences that seamlessly blend security, style, and durability.
Explore our tailored services, meticulously crafted to elevate Wilton’s charm. Whether it’s the enduring appeal of vinyl, the timeless elegance of wood, or the robust security of chain link and aluminum, we’ve got you covered. Our process, from design consultation to quality assurance, ensures a seamless experience, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
AmeriDream Fence and Deck proudly serves Wilton and its surrounding neighborhoods. Our local presence guarantees a personalized touch, understanding the unique needs of our community. It’s more than just fencing; it’s about creating outdoor havens that resonate with the spirit of Wilton.
Engage with us today and transform your outdoor dreams into reality. Immerse yourself in the beauty of a well-crafted fence that not only enhances security but also adds a touch of elegance to your property. Join our satisfied customers and experience the AmeriDream difference – where passion meets precision, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Connect with us, and let’s build something extraordinary together in Wilton, IL.
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